Home Seller Guide - Easy DIY renovations to boost the value of your property

Easy DIY renovations to boost the value of your property

It need not cost a fortune to spruce your home up before it goes on sale. Here are some changes you can make to add value to it. They don't cost a fortune and if you are handy, you can do all the work yourself.

Boost your street appeal

Like it or not, first impressions do count. How your home looks from the outside could make the difference between potential buyers coming in to inspect it or driving off.

Thus, it's vital to ensure any eyesores, especially those that can be seen from the street, such as rusty or broken gutters, missing bricks or roof tiles, broken fences or peeling paint are fixed. Give your hinges on your front gate an oil so that it opens easily and quietly. And consider repainting your garage door. Upgrading your mailbox or adding brass street numbers to it are also low-cost ways to add class to your home as it is seen from the street.

If your home doesn't look well-maintained, buyers will worry that they will need to spend a lot of time or money on it.

DIY tip for the outside of your property

Towards a grand entry

The path to your front door is one of the first things buyers see as they approach your home, so ensure it doesn't have any weeds or loose tiles or bricks. Try to make it as attractive as possible by adding some new plants or landscaping, or by pressure cleaning the stones to remove grime. A tidy and well-maintained front garden indicates to buyers that you take pride in your home. So, prune back your plants, mow the lawn and clear away any fallen leaves or dead foliage.

Take a long hard look at your front door. Could it benefit from a fresh coat of paint or a shiny new door knob or knocker?

Add style to your kitchen

A not so well kept secret in the real estate industry is that a kitchen can sell a home. In fact, the state of your kitchen can be the deal breaker as to whether someone buys your home or not.

A few low-cost changes to some outdated features in your kitchen can do wonders, such as replacing old light fittings, handles on cabinets and taps with more modern or high-end ones.

DIY kitchen style tips

If your cabinets are looking tired or old fashioned, consider refacing or painting them, rather than installing new ones. A touch of furniture oil may also bring out the natural lustre of wooden cabinet doors.

Remember that dripping taps are an absolute no-no. They might give potential buyers the impression that your home hasn't been well-maintained.

Get your bathroom to shine

A bathroom is likely to be one of the rooms potential buyers most scrutinise.

If your bathroom looks tired or dated, you can give it a bit of a facelift by replacing the handles on cupboards, light fixtures, rails or taps with more modern or upmarket ones.

cheap renovation ideas for your bathroom

If your tiles are old-fashioned, consider painting over them with a special tile paint or even re-surfacing them. If their grout has cracked and fallen out, consider re-grouting them. And if you have an old bath or sink with rust or scratches, a quick coat with special paint could make them look brand new. Also, replace or fix all leaky taps or chipped mirrors.


Removing dated wallpaper or giving your home a fresh coat of paint are among the simplest and cheapest improvements you can make to your home. But when selecting paint colours, remember that neutrals appeal to the greatest number of people while unusual or loud colours may put some buyers off. Upgrading or replacing old-style window frames or lighting fixtures can change the entire feel of a room and give it more class. And adding a mirror to a room can make it feel bigger and lighter.