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Our mission is to provide the practical knowledge and advice you need when selling your property. Through our technology partners, we have access to unique real estate data including agent reviews, suburb sales and market trends.

Based in NSW, our team of highly trained consultants will provide support every step of the way of your sales process, including negotiations with your real estate agent.

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  • We provide a personalised service and impartial recommendations for home sellers.
  • Our team works to protect your interests.
  • We provide guidance and support every step of the way as well as negotiations with your agent. This helps achieve the best sales results for you.
  • We help you sell your home better, smarter, faster and for more money.
  • On request we provide a complimentary property report on the suburb trends.
  • Our service is 100% Free for home sellers without any obligation.

What home sellers say about our service...

"It was very easy to compare agents, because I was told how many properties have been sold nearby and the results that each agent has achieved over time. It's a very easy way to gauge the success rate of any given agent."
James Tod
Canberra, ACT
"They were able to provide me with local information for my area, and the market data, I was really surprised that they were able to give me the names of agents that would be most beneficial for my type of market"
Lesley Fuller
Sydney, NSW

How It Works


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We will give you a call shortly to run through your needs and property specs. We then shortlist the top agents in your area and send you a personalised agent report.


Choose who's right for you

You then select who suits you best. If you are happy with the options, we can introduce you to the real estate agents.


Support from our consultants

You get to choose an agent that will help sell your house faster and for more money. We also offer free ongoing support throughout your sale process!

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